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My name is Kelly & I’m a twenty-one year old undergrad student at the University of Rhode Island. Currently I am studying journalism & public relations with hopes of pursuing a career in media relations.  My passion for writing & social media inspired me to create a blog where I could share my personal life experiences & how I am trying to survive my twenties. My goal for this blog is to encourage others to discuss failure, success & how we can all learn from both. I am just your average girl who has FALLEN down one too many times & I know that life is going to continue throwing obstacles my way. I hope my blog is a source of positivity for all who happen to stumble by & see the world through my eyes. My perspective on life is that no matter what stands in our way or holds us back, it is important to keep moving FORWARD!

xo, Kel!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am super impressed with “xo Kel” her writing and desire to learn about herself and share her thoughts with others. I have known “xo Kel” since she was born and I will say she always brought 1st, Joy to all her know her 2nd independence and a huge need to be herself even when others wanted her to conform. I have seen her succeed many times and I have also seen her fail. With each she has grown and learned. Can’t wait for the next post. XO Nina.

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