When Nothing Goes Right

When Nothing Goes Right



If you’ve read some of my blogs before, you know I LOVE quotes & sharing them on social media (probably super basic of me, but it’s ok because I am super basic :/ 🙄)!

I’m always searching on Pinterest, VSCO, or Instagram for quotes to share & post. Sometimes (a lot of the time ) it ends up being mindless scrolling for more time than I originally intended……. but that’s usually when I find the quotes that really make me question myself & my purpose.

Obviously, your early 20s are a super weird time… there’s LOTS of good times, lots of hard times, LOTS & LOTS of crazy times, & a lot of great people.

Sometimes I’ll go on social media & the first thing I see is a quote that is SO relevant to what I’m feeling, or what I need to hear at that specific moment. Which I love, because I think everything happens for a reason. I read a quote & I think about how this applies to my life right now, am I really doing what’s best in a certain situation, should I be doing some thing’s differently, maybe I should wake up with this mindset?

So that’s the easy part… scrolling, reading, posting . Don’t take things you see or read lightly! Reflect & figure out how you can wake up with a different mindset & how you can take baby steps into becoming who we want to be!

Some of these quotes are silly or simple… but see how they could relate to & affect your life.

Here are the quotes I’ve been loving or feeling very connected too lately. Hope there’s something you need to read right now. Feel free to share!

You would be VERY stupid not to be on your own side.

xo, Kel!

More photos from this blog shoot below!

Thanks for being my model Ken!!!

Thanks for being my photographer Kristen!!


6 thoughts on “When Nothing Goes Right

  1. truly the cutest girl in the world !!! you’re gonna do great things and i’m so excited to watch it all. always here to support you as you take on life 💓💓

    Liked by 1 person

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