Spread Love

Spread Love


Cheer’s to spreading love today! Happy LOvE Day everybody!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Galentine’s Day (it was yesterday, February 13th, but lets pretend it’s also today)!

or for those who can’t stand this holiday… Happy Thursday to you! 🙂

For me, I have always loved Valentine’s Day, maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with hearts, the color pink, & candy??? Most likely yes.

Every one just acts happier, a little more kind, and a bit more appreciative on this day. I just think it’s sweet how people celebrate their significant other, friends, family, or in this case for me… someone I’ve never met before…

Wow, the suspense. ↑

 Recently I stumbled upon this Instagram account called @MonthlyLettersOfEncouragement  where you can choose to be a recipient or a writer for a “movement to spread encouragement between women all over the world.” This movement was created by Manda Carpenter in 2015 who combined her “passion of writing, snail mail, and encouragement.” When you join MLOE you can choose to be a writer or a recipient, whatever you need at the time.

You can read more about how to join this movement here.

Follow MLOE on Instagram here.

Another way you can spread some love today is by sending a FREE Valentine’s Day card to a child currently staying in a hospital right now. Some of you may have seen this being shared on Facebook & some websites are still sending virtual love, right now. It’s super simple just click below to share love to someone who needs it today!

Spread Love.

This day doesn’t bother me by seeing all the couples showing off their love for one another all over social media. I think it’s sweet  & I enjoy reading the little love posts they share about each other.

…if you ask me on any other day that isn’t Valentine’s Day & I just may have a different opinion for you.

But for today & today only I am willing to be someone’s valentine!!!!! & you can buy  me presents & donuts, I am totally okay with that. 🙂

The idea behind this post & this day is to spread love, & I love the idea of love & I enjoy spreading the love all over. That word (love) AH. What I do struggle with sometimes, is believing the love that others want to share with me; & I know I am not alone when I say that sometimes it’s hard to feel like you are loved & that you have value anywhere. I think feeling this way stems from our own insecurities & not seeing the greatness in ourselves. I know I am always questioning if I am good enough or if I belong where I am. Events that have happened through-out my entire life made me think that I am not enough, or that my presence wasn’t important. Sometime’s I felt my feelings were pushes aside, so I have a really hard time opening up & sharing them. What I am VERY AWARE about it that EVERYONE is going through something at some point, big or small. You are not alone. What has helped me see this is by listening to what other person around me are telling me. I am SO GRATEFUL & blessed to be someone where people find comfort in sharing their struggles with me. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming, but I am now coming to realize that people who truly love you will give you that same attention in return.

In another post maybe I’ll share a little more feeeelllinggss… maaaybbeee. But today is all about spreading love. 

xo, Kel.

One thought on “Spread Love

  1. You have alway and will always be enough! You are loved beyond words, no matter who comes in or out of your life remember you are loved deeply. XO


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