Hello, Are You Listening?

Hello, Are You Listening?

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Happy Monday everyone!
Thank you for all the love & support while I embark on this blogger adventure. I’m happy to see you all spreading kindness and positivity wherever you are :-).

After one week of “outing” my blog for real (which was really scary btw) I am so appreciative of everyone taking the time to read it. This past week I was so thankful & aware of all the good things people do for me. One of the things that I am truly so grateful for is my friends & their willingness to listen to me about anything & everything for hours… seriously.

A quick lunch with my friends turns into a 3 hour therapy session. A few weekends ago I had a sleep over with 2 of my friends & we talked the entire night. We were getting ready for bed & the next time we checked our phones it was 6 in the morning… we talked about LITERALLY everything! Life, school, boys, our future, our past, & the conversation didn’t stop until the sun was up the next day. I’m starting to believe our  favorite thing to do together is to sit and listen to ourselves talk. It’s our own version of therapy.

Yes, I love talking A LOT and once I start there is really no stopping me but, recently I have really invested in to the listening part of the conversation.

And this is why I believe listening is truly the best advice you can give a person.

One of the most frustrating things I find is when you have a problem, you’ve come to a cross roads in life, or you just don’t feel like your genuine self so you share how you are feeling & you’ve been given unwanted advice. Obviously people feel the need to help but when someone truly wants your advice… they will ask for it. HENCE, invest in listening.

Your presence is meaningful, if someone is taking the time to share parts their life with you should feel grateful & excited that they trust you & feel comfortable around you. Don’t take that lightly.

Personally, the best conversations I have are when I can walk away knowing new things about a person, not just sharing my own opinions & thoughts.

Listening helps differentiate what people are saying from what they actually mean.

I think there is more value in a conversation from someone who is intently listening & trying to understand you than a conversation is constantly going back and forth.

Thanks for listening. 🙂

On my way to Bachelor Monday night vent session with my bffs :-).

xo, Kel.

4 thoughts on “Hello, Are You Listening?

  1. Kelly i love this!! I love What you’re doing. Talk soon? Hang soon? Something idk..anyways hope you’re living your best life & continue to embark on new adventures. Best of luck, I’ll be reading!

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