Twenty One

Twenty One

✰ ✰ ✰

Let’s begin.

If you know me, you know that I have wanted to start a blog for a very long time now, and if you don’t know me… I have wanted to start a blog for a very long time now!

I tried to write this blog post multiple times, but I always end up arguing with myself about what I want my first EVER blog post to be about. Good news, I have FINALLY decided on a topic to write about…nothing. Yes, you read correctly, the long awaited anticipation is over, I am writing about nothing.

The idea behind my blog is to create an open diary about the ups & downs in my life.

I’ll begin with my first fail.

I wanted to start this blog when I was 20, long story short, that didn’t happen… so I came up with the idea to publish my first post around my 21st birthday and begin writing about my life from then on. Well here we are 7 months later!
Better late than never, am I right!?

Procrastination is one of my most productive super powers.

I turned twenty one 208 days ago, so I apologize if the title of this first post is misleading and sorry that it’s 208 days late…but here is a quick recap of the things I learned in my 208 days of being a twenty one year old so far.

I am finally legal!!! Turning twenty one is so much FUN because you can order alcoholic beverages without using your fake ID (just kidding :P)!! Some of my favorite drinks are… a full glass of Rosè (I’m still learning about wine, there is a lot to learn), a salted rim margarita, a dirty shirley (it’s a shirley temple for adults & it’s super delicious), and my newest favorite drink is custom to Rhode Island, Loyal Lemonades. I didn’t get to have a crazy night on my 21st, but it’s okay because my BFF let me celebrate mine again on her 21st :-).

21 means you need a real adult doctor.

My Aunts are my new best friends. I have always been close with them, but as I’m getting older there is so much more I can open up about. They are truly the best big sisters I never had.

Summers aren’t as fun. All my friends from school go home and my home friends and I always have conflicting work schedules.

Something that is fun, money.

The relationship with my friends is SO IMPORTANT. I really don’t know what I would do without them (I will be dedicating a whole blog post to them next).

As much as she drives me crazy, my mom is literally the greatest human on this planet.

Pink is still and forever my favorite color.

Some things you really can’t take back or undo (this was a really hard lesson to learn).

I cannot wait until my little sister is 21.

If you’re going to fall, fall forwards.

While I continue to write about nothing I should mention a few of my favorite blogs that I enjoy reading.

Olivia Rink began her blogger journey by creating a resource where she could share her favorite brands of clothes for petite girls like her. Her blog evolved to the personal ins and outs of her life. She is the definition of girl power and her blog/instagram has grown to obtain a 200,000 following. Her advice, along with advice from her grandma, about clothes, life, or boys is sincerely inspiring.

Kaitlyn Sexton is an instructor at a summer camp I previously attended. After my first year at the camp and seeing Kaitlyn, I quickly became a social media stalker of hers (but in the best way possible Kait)!!! I was super excited to see she was starting a blog about her life and her attempts at “aduting.” Her dry sense of humor and honest stories about her life are why I love reading her blog.
I was a long time instagram follower of Sydney’s. She created a blog where she discusses her faith and how it leads her life. She writes about topics that are extremely personal and close to her heart. Her post “I Am Speaking Up” is about her experience with sexual violence, which I suggest every one should read.

Something that’s not nothing is my About  page, if you start there you can read a summary about me and why I started this blog.

xo, Kel!

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